When you will need us

The Ebony Rose Group can help you manage the impact of life’s experiences, whether they are planned or unplanned.

A change in job may mean an increase or a decrease in income. Either way, you will need to reassess your existing insurances, cashflow/budgeting, superannuation, or even Centrelink entitlements.

Marriage is more than just tying the knot with the one you love. You will need to understand your asset pool and what you’re capable of achieving with the joint income/money, as well as review your superannuation and insurances.

Having a baby brings joy and happiness to the lucky parents. However, it is also important that you understand the costs involved in having a new family member. You must think about future family planning such as what lifestyle luxuries you can afford, and how your cashflow will be influenced in the short term by maternity/paternity leave, as well as the longer term where there might be one income instead of two.

The purchase of a new house is not just about finding the best interest rate for you. Ebony Rose Loans ensure we structure your loan in a way that minimises lifestyle changes for you and your family.

An inheritance can come at a difficult time for most people. The loss of a loved one is not a practical time to be making important financial choices. But what you do with the money can lead to emotional decisions that may have long term repercussions, therefore the tax implications need careful consideration. A financial adviser can help you think about what your short and long term financial goals are, and whether investment options, debt restructuring, or treating yourself to something special is the best option.

When a couple separate, divorce proceedings can be difficult for all parties involved. The Ebony Rose Group can assist in ensuring that both parties carefully reflect on the division of assets, and consider important factors such as children’s expenses, as well as reviewing the beneficiaries for your superannuation and insurance.

Financial planning is not only about building wealth, but also protecting it. If you were to suffer an Illness or serious injury, you not only need to cover the costs, but also replace your income to pay your bills and maintain your family lifestyle. The Ebony Rose Group can ensure protection is put in place to achieve this. And did you know that if you need to make a claim, we can plan for your payments on other insurance policies to continue and manage the claim process to make sure the insurance company follows through on their promise.

Retirement is rarely a sudden decision. You will spend time reflecting and then planning for what you will do in retirement. The reality is that what you end up doing will cost money, so how do you find the money to enjoy the best years in your life? The Ebony Rose Group can assist you by putting strategies in place before you get there. It’s called Financial Planning for a reason!