Why choose us

Every client we work with has a different reason for using our services, so we’ve tried to summarise these reasons to make the choice easy for you.

  • We work to develop, manage and maintain a personalised plan and ensure the result will provide you with ‘peace of mind’.
  • We deliver passion and commitment in what we do because unlike other advisers, we like to build a long term relationship with our clients. Therefore, we experience the highs and lows of what life throws at you, so it’s in our best interests to ensure you reach your lifestyle goals.
  • Since 1985 we have seen clients from a diverse range of backgrounds which has helped us build an understanding of how to handle any situation you may find yourself in.
  • You may need to talk to an adviser about your short, medium and long term financial goals. Maybe you need someone to represent you while making a claim on any insurances you have, or you need to consolidate those ex-employer super funds you have lost track of. We can do it all!
  • You don’t just have an adviser. You will have the support of a team whose purpose is to find the best solution for you, your family and/or your business.

Remember that the purpose of life is to live it. So why not experience life with The Ebony Rose Group.